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  • January 2018

    Wallpaper Design Awards Winner: Rodan

    Thanks to Wallpaper Magazine for including us in their Design Awards roll call. Our Rodan Coffee table features in their summary of Best Uchi, which is Japanese for house, and we are delighted to be channelling the vibes of a culture that reveres simplicity, blended with beautiful materiality in its making.

    Rodan started its life in our small but perfectly formed prototyping workshop, as a 1:5 model. As we progressed to full size models we laboured, as only those who love furniture would, on a millimetre here, on how long to take the lipping detail, and on exactly what height works best when you want a table that offers a relaxed feeling but must work with both low slung and higher positioned seating. Our ambition is to create furniture that engages with its strong shape, is gentle in its materiality and is generous in its detailing.

    Our table wants to be fine and delicate at its lip, but solid and safe at its base, and all the while it must appear balanced and harmonious in its proportions. The base is constructed using traditional coopering (barrel making) techniques, and the resulting multi sided circular cask is then turned on the lathe to a perfect finish. Rodan’s table top lid is secured with a simplified Shaker swallowtail lapper detail, a motif originally conceived to prevent the wood in their iconic boxes from splitting, allowing it to comfortably expand and contract with temperature and humidity changes.

    The Rodan Coffee table is offered in a white oiled Oak, black American Walnut and black stained Oak finish. As our Shaker and Japanese friends may have said, hands to work, and Arigatou Gozaimasu.