We work with several fabric houses to offer our upholstery in a selection of our favourite fabrics, from velvet to linen and wool - please contact us for samples. Alternatively we can also purchase your chosen fabric on your behalf. Pieces may be commissioned in COM (customer own material) assuming a suitable quality. If you are supplying COM we ask for a sample to ensure its suitability for the design. We also offer the option of a fire retardant inter-liner to avoid the need for a fire retardant back coating.

We have created a small colour collection for painted finishes which we offer as our standard finishes. We can also provide bespoke colour matching to your own paint reference or RAL colour. Many pieces can also be made in bespoke timbers or stains. Some of our standard pieces are available in specific colours and timbers only, this is listed within the technical information for each piece. Please note that changes to our standard finishes may incur an additional cost.

  • Exterior House Lacquers

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    • Znyz7glb57kkkktmbyhe


    • Ccjeioxyohrxn5zwkv1v


    • Ly74jntd4obr58if85fs


    • Wuy9wexc0wya8bq1dne1

      White & fern

    • Ytudpxwixjg6u3bvlrlv

      Coral & peach

    • Ufeihggafbctioplzf0a

      Black & carrot

    • Ecuqjgymuqzprq7hgvev


  • Timbers

    • Otkh2iilc7e0qkeuzmzp

      Cherry, lacquer finish

    • Drvi3ofvqw2cbdovetm8

      Solid European oak, white oil finish

    • Ejmrkkksabuzyzgbufpj

      Solid black American walnut,
      clear oil finish

    • Alj1lcteudeyccwtj2pi

      Douglas fir white oil finish

    • Blta9efjqke3lkaajq3w

      Solid black stained tulip, clear oil finish

    • Jpv9wkfebvw2fmsvvszh

      Solid black stained ash, lacquer finish

    • Hmd2dcrt2lol5lh5ddom

      Sycamore, white oil finish

    • Yuiqkitxewkqhy5utfoh

      Dyed birch & ash, clear oil finish

    • Gvqzqaekl3wnt5zs53ad

      Solid black American walnut, lacquer finish

    • Xnkk0rnciwexhedtlvwp

      European oak, white oil finish

    • Mlsnb2nwgzxj9zfqhzoq

      Solid European oak, lacquer finish

    • T1ihhytkcoga0zbpyfm7

      Solid European oak, clear oil finish

    • Ykwigspupasol9p5lunk

      Black American walnut, lacquer finish

    • Ehfhu3hvnqnq1nkya6sl

      Black stained ash, lacquer finish

    • Ylu1pb2eaznsjfj1xgqa

      Solid ash, white oil finish

    • Xlokc8sxdn3mtby6fbns

      Solid European oak top & solid black American walnut base, lacquer finish

  • Desktop Leather

    • Abc97vbyauq2yhrdejtj

      Aubergine leather

    • Fespzyyjapotoxoukea3

      Bordeaux leather