Anders light medium


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A medium light sculpted from layers of fibre derived from the banana plant family draped and stitched around the central bronze bulb fixing. As a handmade piece, each light is unique and variations to its shape and form will occur.

Lighting certification
CE fixture conforms for use in UK & EU. For other territories please check requirements locally.

About the making

The starting point

The folds of a beautiful dress, chronicled in a fashion magazine, gave us pause for inspiration. A couture underskirt, where the twirls and folds of the petticoat created a poetic drapery became the beginning of an important design; the Anders light.

Bringing life to an idea

We struggled to realise our ambitions, until we walked into a master milliner’s studio. The application of skills, from this seemingly unrelated craft, gave form and purpose to our light.

Crafted poetic drapery

Made from abaca fibre, a traditional millinery material, each fold is carefully pinned, observed, balanced, and stitched.

The final piece stands as a piece of sculpture in its own right. When illuminated it casts a very gentle, and atmospheric warm glow, which adds a quiet drama to a space.