Mead coffee table scorched


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The Mead coffee table delivers modern elegance and the reassurance of extremely beautiful making and impeccably selected materials. Simple yet substantial, it features strong, solid octagonal legs and a refined, solid timber table-top.

This item requires basic assembly or can be delivered white glove including assembly.


About the making

Exploring potential

Wood brings a warmth to all environments, unrivalled by any other material and it offers a durable surface that can withstand all kinds of damage and lasts lifetimes. We sought to explore the potential of this beautiful, versatile material and to manipulate it to create new tones and textures that capture all the drama and theatricality of a darker synthetic material, whilst retaining the raw beauty and tactility of solid, responsibly sourced timber.

Playing with fire

To achieve the collection’s defining dark surfaces, each oak table is heavily charred using a bare flame, until it reaches a deep charcoal tone. Then the pieces are brushed and finished with clear oil - a process that pays homage to the traditional Japanese wood-preserving technique known as Shou Sugi Ban. This method is carried out at our workshop and honours the pure form of the piece, allowing the texture of the grain to be celebrated.

A shared passion

The people who make our pieces are also exceptional. We have a long, shared history with the workshop in Dorset. We share a mutual respect and trust. These makers take a huge pride in what they make for us. In our work the human hand is present from the crafting of the original model, through to the final sand and carefully applied oil.