Float table


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A series of side tables of varying tones and combinations, with hand-turned, solid oak tops which allow the timber to take centre stage. Floats are made in three sections and held together with a patinated brass disc at the top. The table bases are either turned in solid oak with black lines at its waist and foot, or hand stained with a matt finish.

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Top finish
Base finish

About the making

Lobster bouys

Lobster and crab fishing bouys spotted in Devon provided us with inspiration, as colour and shape starting points for a side table design.

Bringing life to an idea

In our design studio, sketches move quickly to experimentation in 1:5 balsa models. We turn multiple versions in our model making workshop, as forms start to take shape. We play. Single routes begin to sing.

Follow the concept through

The simplicity of the original idea belies the complexity of the making involved in our Float table. It was important to see the oak’s cross grain on the top of the table, to celebrate the dimensionality this brings to a flat timber surface.

The quality of the materials and craft must be high to manage the perils of cross grain production. The solidity of the top contrasts with the smooth perfection of the stained base, a demanding aspect of production, particularly at the line where the 2 sections meet.

The workshop in Gloucestershire turns a Float table in 3 parts. They are hand stained and finished in our studio, and tethered together with patinated brass dials and rods.