Leamas dining table


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The solid wood top of the Leamas dining table features generously radiused corners and a curved quirk detail to the edge, making it supremely comfortable to sit with. The waisted pedestal verticals are manacled by a through-mortice stretcher which is held in place with a wedge at each end. Designed to comfortably sit up to ten people.

This item requires basic assembly or can be delivered white glove including assembly.


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Customise this design

This design can be made special order as a custom piece. As such we can vary the overall depth and length to suit your needs, whilst always ensuring the core of the design is respected. Enquire about your custom piece here.

About the making

Furniture for life

Dining tables have to work – hard. Our tables are made from solid timber which means they stand up to the daily grind and last a lifetime. We prefer a protective oil finish that will age gracefully without heavy discolouration, withstand daily spillage, and can also be sanded down and rescued when the worst happens and ‘someone’ leaves a hot pan on top.

No compromise

Our Leamas dining table is made from pippy oak which is FSC and GIB (grown in Britain) certified. It comes from a mill in Wiltshire that specialises in sustainable sourcing. The GIB estates are managed by foresters who use a holistic approach to forestry where trees are selected for felling from a multi-species, multi-age woodland which promotes woodland that is more resilient to climate change and disease.

English oak

English oak has an inherent twiginess, this results in a characterful abundance of small knots and knot clusters throughout each board, which reflect the beauty and provenance of the tree and the branches that grew upon it. The Leamas dining table is made entirely from timber harvested from the same tree, meaning all sections match in tone and legacy. Our table tops become a tableau of the tree’s beauty and a testament to its long years of growth.