Nim Dune


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Nim Dune is a striking hand-finished sculptural table with impressive solidity. Nim floats on a raised foot and features a recessed top, and is hand finished by a specialist painter.

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About the making

A present to ourselves

Nim was born out of a desire to mark 11 years of designing and building our business (being too busy to pause and celebrate 10). The gift to ourselves was an exciting, personal and creative project to mark the milestone.

Our brief was to create a table that would deliver texture, but in a different way to timber, we wanted the piece to convey a naturalness and beauty, but in a strong and dynamic way. We sought to reference lava, strata, stone and weather, and to capture all that movement, power and potential.

The concept

A series of coffee tables referencing a core sample from the earth, where a rough textured base flowed into a perfectly formed top. Generously scaled and monolithic in form, yet elegant - somewhere between natural stone and an other-worldly textured materiality.

Starting with sketches and 1:5 models we experimented with materials and form. Identifying Jesmonite as the perfect material to make this piece in, we worked with a close friend, a high-end contemporary art fabricator, to bring this experimental and process driven piece to life.

The construction process

We used plaster to hand sculpt the perfect level of texture - where the figured base smoothed to a perfectly formed top surface. From this we created a master, from which we cast our platinum silicone mould.

Each piece is individually cast and then specialist painted, and the application of the colour is informed by the texture lent to the piece from the mould. We have explored different colour ways and series, with each piece being unique.