Ort table


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The Ort tables are small perches with a neat footprint, designed to be drawn up close to a sofa or armchair, and to take away the effort of holding a glass, cup or book so you can sit most comfortably. Available in two sizes and a variety of timbers, these are small tables made from very beautifully figured wood, to make life perfectly congenial.

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About the making

The beginning

Inspired by visits to the woodyard and the ambition to give new life to the small but beautiful sections of wood that are cut away as our furniture is made, our Ort tables are small and perfectly-formed celebrations of the natural beauty of unprocessed and responsibly sourced timber. We hand select these pieces of beautiful wood (often characterful and highly figured but precious nonetheless), to be turned into small perches ideal for drawing up close to a sofa or armchair when you need a home for a book, cup or glass (or two) and the coffee table seems too far away.

In our design studio, sketches move quickly to experimentation in 1:5 balsa models. We create model after model in our workshop, as forms start to take shape.

The hand-turned legs are a nod to the process of figurative hand-carved walking sticks, where the linear elements are expertly turned and cut to create pattern and/or contrast, and reveal the beauty of the natural timber beneath.

The Ort tables are what we define as studio products, finished by our team in London, bringing the making and the feel of the furniture central to what we love to do.