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Goddard sofa


Includes VAT. Excludes fabric, shipping or overseas crating.

This piece is made to order and is typically ready to ship in 10 - 12 weeks. Please place an enquiry with our sales team to purchase.

Leg timber
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  • Pinch Goddard 20200313 LR
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Customise this design

This design can be made special order as a custom piece. As such we can vary the length to suit your needs, whilst always ensuring the core of the design is respected. Enquire about your custom piece here.

About the making

Made in Norfolk

We have been working with the same upholstery workshop for many years, producing for our customers and developing our new products from the ground up. We consider them our partners, and appreciate their knowledge and skill and they respect our quality expectations and approach. Together we share a common goal to make the best furniture we can, to take pride in each piece we create, and to enjoy the process as we go along.

Makers who care

Our upholstery is made in a small workshop, and the pieces are hand-made by a small team, and that makes a difference. Many of them have been upholstering for multiple years, and are in tune with making instinctively; they know how much or how little to tension the fabric to achieve the best shape and wear, to make pieces that will last well.

This is not mass production, but this is labour intensive, and as they say, hugely satisfying.

Time honoured making

We blend traditional making methods with modern materials.

A good sofa requires a strong skeleton (the frame) that will stand the test of time. All our sofas are made with solid FSC European hardwood frames, which we guarantee for life.

Each design in our collection is developed and made according to its own needs, and the critical balance between support and comfort. All the components used are of a high calibre that will be noticeable in the sit. With sustainability in mind renewable materials, that offer durability and longevity, are used as much as possible; from hessian to coconut fibre to wool felt.

Individually cut and stitched

We have access to a huge array of fabric suppliers and our team are happy to suggest a fabric to meet your brief if you have not already selected your own. We can work with new production fabric and vintage cloths. The team will ask for a sample to approve if you are supplying your own material to ensure it is suitable for the desired shape, and hard wearing enough to last well.