PINCH × Sussy Cazalet

We had long been looking for rugs and carpets that would partner with our furniture and share the same senses of warmth, tactility and artistry we strive for in our own work. We were delighted to collaborate with designer and textile artist Sussy Cazalet. From the beginning of the collaboration there was a clear affinity between Sussy’s design process and our own. Designs begin with a creative process in both cases; Sussy sketches in watercolour, while Russell sculpts his furniture concepts in balsa wood. Their start points are equally creative works in their own right. Our first rug collection is a series of 4 designs created in the flat weave tradition, using high count New Zealand pure wool and Indian raw silk to deliver the best texture and tone, and a richness and luxurious detail.

The collection; Pace I, Pace II, Keller and Ray are available to purchase from both our website and shop.